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 Anyone still around? 2011/2012

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Anyone still around? 2011/2012 Empty
PostSubject: Anyone still around? 2011/2012   Anyone still around? 2011/2012 EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 4:10 am

Hey everyone! I found this forum again by searching my username. So many great memories. I know it wasn't that long ago (uhh, 1 and a half year+) but it seems like an eternity. I remember leeching my way through everything, grinding too many hours, hearing others troll in Ventrilo, Emi raging... etc..

So anyway if you happen, for whatever reason, to be browsing these forums... say something Smile. What is everyone doing nowadays?

I wonder what happened to Emi. I haven't heard anything about her since she got that "infection" (or irl virus, can't remember what it was).

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Anyone still around? 2011/2012
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