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 Everybody Important Please Read

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PostSubject: Everybody Important Please Read   Everybody Important Please Read EmptySun Apr 04, 2010 11:24 am

I will be running ToWater for about 1-2 hours a day and my goal is to get at least one imperioum a day. Now that I have collected all of my imps, and should be getting my elite pants hopefully by today, I will sell it to you guys for a discounted price of 8 million so you guys can get your elites. You are welcome to join me in ToWater as well, I will only allow a maximum of three people in my party including me. This is because #1: killing becomes incredibly slow and #2: There is more chance of somebody fucking it up (sorry to be rude) and #3: Aggroing. It is just way more efficient this way and more easily organized.

All I will ask you to do is just watch the boss' health and keep it within 10%-30% while I kill the captains and only me alone. Helping me kill the captains wont be much faster because I can already knock out 15% with each auto-attack hit, I can kill these captains in like 10 seconds so farming will be really fast and hopefully we can get an imperioum within 45 mins. And also, please be patient as well, just because one captain doesnt ressurrect it doesn't mean it is a fail farm. Actually in many ways it goes much faster because they respawn fast and I dont have to worry about aggroing two captains at once. As well, dont be discouraged if crappy items are dropping for the longest time, me and Irakundril were doing farms and not a single mat dropped for the first 50 or so captains. But we did end up getting an imperioum within 30 mins. Patience is the key to these things

If anybody needs other materials, just dont ask for gold powders and magic orbs cause I am collecting them as well. I will also be discounting them for cheap prices, I really want our guild get elites as fast as we can be the best guild on this server.

As well I need 70 magic orbs for my elite pants, so please sell me all of your orbs and glass orbs as well if you have any.
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PostSubject: Re: Everybody Important Please Read   Everybody Important Please Read EmptySun Apr 04, 2010 2:10 pm

Running or farming? I'm down for 1 or 2 hours... any more too much
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Everybody Important Please Read
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