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 The Guild: Who We Are

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PostSubject: The Guild: Who We Are   The Guild: Who We Are EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 3:54 pm

The Guild:
Efficiency is a virtue
Organization is paramount
Adaptability is a necessity

Who we are:
Led by Emioko for the past 10 years, The Empire started in SRO and has since had incarnations in many different MMOs. The primary consistency in all of these forms was the ability to manage hundreds of members, something we plan to be known for here as well. Being so prominent elsewhere, there have actually been a few people here who recognized the name...

Upon reaching S.U.N. a few months ago, the name "The Empire" was already taken, so "TheEmpire1" was entered on impulse. However, we knew we couldn't be taken seriously with that name; when we had finally organized enough to start working on what we needed to work on, The Empire was reborn again, this time as "The Guild".

Our primary purpose is social connection, which we achieve through Ventrilo and tinychat conferences: when people know the people they're working/playing with, gameplay becomes better organized and more efficient.

What we do:

Mission runs: The party missions from Frozen Palace to Aiort Graveyard.
Tower runs: Up to 3 times daily.
AC/Lucky runs: Anytime anyone needs them and a suitable number of people are on
PvP training: Self-explanatory
Guild events: Internal contests and games with CS prizes

We are a PvP guild in progress. Since we don't have a level requirement, our primary priority now is getting everyone up to Lv 90+. Once there, the AC runs will help complete builds, and the PvP training comes last.

Relationship with other guilds:
No formal or planned alliances/hostilities yet.

Regarding our view on Final, as with any big guild there will be some cool guys, some belligerent idiots, and at least one affectionate kitty (much love, Issac, much love).

Active Member List: (will be updated as necessary)
Emioko (Master)
Naleo (Submaster)
LadyMoosier (Escort Captain)

For More Information:
Post here or find any of the above-listed players ingame.
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The Guild: Who We Are
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